Creative Jolts 101

In this program, Denis Berkson, a.k.a. the creative crusader, explores the key creative elements necessary to help all people be creative personally and professionally. The following aspects in part, whole or combination can be part of your not-for-profit, business or educational group's presentation or workshop.

  • What is creativity?
  • Myths and truths about the creative process.
  • How to identify blocks to become more creative.
  • Understanding the key elements necessary to increase creative thinking.
  • Simple Creative Jump Starts.
  • How groups foster creative spirit.
  • Techniques to enchance risk taking and trust building in the creative process.
  • Mastering the skills of creative goal setting.
  • Valuable tools for idea generating.
  • Question and answer period for application of concepts.
  • Stories, myths and legends designed to put a new perspective on the creative verb "to create."

The creative Jolts 101 program utilizes music, humor, interaction and spontaneous insights designed to engage, enlighten and educate the audience. The length, focus and number of participants can be your choice.

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