A Dose of Denis: Diluted of Full-Strength

This is a great opportunity to utilize the ability and telents of Denis Berkson, a.k.a the creative consultant. Whether you have already experienced one of his creativity programs of you have not been able to, there is still a way for you and your colleagues to learn about and utilize what Denis had to offer concerning the crative process.

Here's what he can do in person, by phone or by e-mail.

  • Show you how to implement in the workspace creative techniques you learned from Denis' presentation.
  • Have a "creative chat" with you or your colleagues whether you have experienced another presentation or not.
  • Give you and your team's special project that needed "creative jolt."
  • Be a coach for individuals who need some creative help in their presentation skills, leadership styles, or in any workspace situation
  • Work with your company or organization to "fine tune" an existing mission statement or create a new one that better represents who you are and what you do.
  • Supply the missing creative piece to you newsletter, promotional materials, training modules, or any other written, audio or visual communication vehical you use.
  • Offer creative suport to your company on a retainer basis for all of the above.
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