Follow This Leader

In this program, Denis Berkson, a.k.a the creative crusader, explores the key creative elements necessary to help all leaders increase their effectiveness. The following aspects in part, whole or combination can be part of your not-for-profit, business or educational group's presentation or workshop

  • What is the creative leader?
  • What leadership is and isn't?
  • How you can gain new perspectives in helping you rally the troops.
  • Creative ideas you will want to use to help your followers become their own leaders.
  • Innovative ways to enhance communication with the people you lead.
  • Creative mastering of the skills for risk taking and daring leadership.
  • Practical ways you can re-think and re-energize your leadership style.
  • Essential ways to tear down leadership roadblocks.
  • Discover ways you can mazimize the impact of leadership on the creative climate of your business.
  • Achieve immediate success with a variety of spirited problems solving techniques for the creative leader.
  • Question and answer period for application of concepts.
  • Stories, myths and legends designed to put a new perspective on the creative verb "to lead."

The Follow this Leader program utilizes music, humor, interaction and spontaneous insights designed for engage, enlighten and educate the audience. The length, focus and number of participants can be your