Meetings Mean Business

In this program, Denis Berkson, a.k.a the creative crusader, explores the key creative elements necessary to make any meeting more engaging and results driven. The following aspects in part, whole or combination can be part of your not-for-profit, business or educational group's presentation or workshop.

  • Why you should have a meeting.
  • What is and isn't absolutely and positively important in a meeting.
  • How to set up and plan a creative meeting.
  • Creative ways to orchestrate and execute the meeting.
  • Wrapping up a meeting with style and substance.
  • The keys to a creative follow up.
  • Making the ideas that come from the meeting more memorable.
  • How to effectively handle questions and answers.
  • Creative clues to cutting down on the length of your meeting.
  • When and how to use small group discussions, brainstorming, etc.
  • The best creative logistics for your meeting. (Room set up, location, etc.)
  • Question and answer period for application of concepts.

The Meetings 2000 program utilizes music, humor, interaction and spontaneous insights designed to engage, enlighten and educate the audience. The length, focus and number of participants can be your choice.

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