Wild Swings Workshop

In this program, Denis Berson, a.k.a. the creative crusader, continues to explore the key elements of our program Creative Jolts 101. The Wild Swings Workshop will feature these additonal elements. The following aspects in part, whole or combination can be part of your not-fo-profit, business or educational group's presentation or workshop.

  • A summary of Creative Jolts 101 - the How, Why and What of the creative process.
  • Partner and group activities that facilitate the application of creative "jump starts."
  • Powerful strategies to heighten the creative spirit.
  • Techniques that develop and encourage risk taking and trust.
  • Innovative methods to build more creative mission statements and goal setting.
  • Creative tools to increase idea generation.
  • Group work on removing creative blocks to thinking and exploring new perspectives.
  • Question and answer period for application of concepts.
  • Practice in utilizing the above mentioned creativity techniques in your industry specific problem, project or question.

The Wild Swings Workshop program utilizes music, humor and interaction and spontaneous insights designed to engage, enlighten and educate the audience. The length, focus and number of participants can be your choice.

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